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Hi, I'm John.

I am a realtor in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area who was able to create an incredibly successful business. In one year, from my first year to my second year in business, I was able to triple my income and create a six figure real estate business.


More About Me

Building a real estate empire with social media is like finding the perfect home:


It's a delightful mix of showcasing stunning properties and connecting with clients over a virtual cup of coffee. With social media, your real estate journey becomes a fun-filled adventure, where likes, shares, and happy homeowners abound!


Networking with other agents has advantages!


 By coming together across the country on weekly calls, and sharing our genius ideas, we'll unlock a treasure trove of real estate wizardry, turning our business ventures into a thrilling, winning game!

Why settle for a one-man show when you can have an all-star cast?


On our weekly calls, sometimes we like to bring in guest experts! It's like throwing a fabulous party – each expert adds their unique flair, and suddenly, you've got a star-studded event that leaves everyone in awe! 

What can you expect from the Real Estate Survival Guide?

John is all about helping real estate agents grow their business exponentially and have freedom to enjoy time with their families.









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Heather McMahon

"John has a genuine care for his peers! He offers insightful supportive collaboration while challenging members to tap into and trust their potential."


Joshua Meyer

"This group is something I look forward too being able to learn from others in different markets. Everyone is nice and has similar goals of improving their business and people around them."

Alyssa Rhodes

"One of the best decisions to help grow your real estate career. The information is super helpful, and can apply to anyone looking for some advice to grow. The whole group is like a family!"

Jeremy Kane

"The real estate survival guide is quickly becoming one of my favorite hours of the week, the different experience levels and ability to not only bring any hardships but also have a hand in helping other community members to solve problems and navigate this wonderfully rewarding yet challenging business. John’s vision and leadership is about to take off in the industry and I am excited to be along for the journey, not only with John but the community."

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stepping into a lively, uplifting party where we celebrate successes, exchange brilliant ideas, and cheer each other on, making the real estate journey an unforgettable, joy-filled adventure.

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